An insane ex-pirate...


Languages:All PHB but Druidic

Cha:9 (-1)


Necklace of Adaption
Amulet of Health (4)
Bag of Holding T1
+1 Folding Hammer (1d8)
MW Hide Armor:
3 Max Dex: +4 Check Pen:–2

Rage 3/day
Improved Uncanny Dodge
Trap Sense +3
Damage Reduction 1/-
Fast Movement


12-Listen (14)
8-Survival (
7-Jump (10)
7-Climb (
7-Swim (+10)


Thurg lived on a small island when he was young, eventually pirates attacked the island robbing the islanders of money, valueables, and even their own people so that they may have workers. The captian of the Ship quickly noticed within a day of the attack how one of the captured people worked far more than the rest, he would turn the boat by oaring too fast and when asked to carry something he would do it effortless and imediatly.

People started dying. The “normal” islanders quickly got sick or hurt due to being overworked with little sleep. Eventually the pirates started needing to do small roles to keep evreything moving again. The pirates began to plan for another attack, but as they did so they didnt see a trap unfold around them…

Surrounded, the group that Thurg had been in was complelty ambushed by other pirates. All hope was seemingly lost yet the captain of this small ship did not think so. He imediatly went to Thurg and unchained him, “What is your name?” “Thurg” “See those boats surrounding us?” “Yeahuh” “Kill evreyone on them, sink them, and when your done come back here and we celibrate” “Okay”…it took him a little less than an hour…

After this great event Thurg was recruited into the gank of pirates. Few people on the ship knew of the captains real name, Thurg became one of them. The captains name was Captain Gruklin Berglis. Thurg didnt know his last name due to not beliving he was ever given one, he remembered faintly being abandoned when he was young.

As part of this group of pirates they began making bigger and bigger stunts eventually giving them even magical loot. The captain decided to give Thurg something to allow him to breath underwater and a weapon that he could bring with him, his Amulet and Folding Anchor. It became very routine to send Thurg underwater to other ships where he would procede to bash in though the hull and grab treasure to bring back to the mothership. They would repeat this until Thurg decided to smash the hull to peices and sink the ship. Things went smoothly in this fasion until finally the pirates bit off more than they could chew…

Eventually the pirates encountered a fleet of ships that encircled one huge ship that was in the middle. They hid a good distance away behind a nearby island as the sent Thurg over to the fleet. Underwater Thurg got swept up in a horrible current that delayed him. When he finally got back under control and surfaced he saw the fleet surrounding the island that his allys where hiding behind. His ship peaking up from the surface of the water, resting on the bottom of the shallow water. Panicing he rushed towrds the island and snuck up to the shoreline where he saw some of his allys tied up and surrounded, and the rest were dead on the ground. Luckily the captain, Thurg’s self proclaimed best friend was tied up and not dead.

Thurg listened carefully to try to pick up on the conversations that were going on…
“So then you captain guy you say there is one more of you but why should we be afraid? We havent even seen him?”
“He’s a monster he could take all you ruffin’s on easy…i wish i knew where he was i need that pawn just about now…”
“Well hes a bit late…kill them all”
All of the crew began shouting the same thing “THURG SAVE US”
Off the shoreline Thurg thought for a moment, then he continued thinking, he was unsure if he should save them or not, they were his only family but yet he just heard them speak as if he was being used and he didnt like it. Eventually after a good long time of thinking he decided to save them. He started to stand up to save them but realized he took too long…and he was too late…slowly he noticed tears slowly went down his face. He turned around and went back into the water…washing away his sad past and heading to a new begining…


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