Keeper Remmith

The Self-Proclaimed Chosen of Cyric


Keeper Remmith: Gray Elf Archivist 9
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
Age: 326 (Elderly)
Size: Medium
Speed: 30’
Initiative: +5

This withered gray elf seems to exude a smell of old paper. Over his blackened iron armor he wears an open purple robe adorned with the skull of Cyric, and the ebon case on his back is overflowing with ancient scrolls and sketches. In his eyes you can see the tell-tale quiver of one who worships the Prince of Lies.

STR 8 = -1
DEX 12 = +1
CON 12 = +1
INT 24 = +7
WIS 18 = +4
CHA 16 = +3

Hit Points Max: 56
Base Attack: +4
Armor Class: 10 + 9 + 1: 20
Touch AC: 11
Flat-Footed AC: 19

Fortitude Save 6+1 = 7
Reflex Save 4
1 = 5
Will Save 6
4 = +10


Scribe Scroll
Heavy Armor Proficiency
Improved Initiative
Necromantic Presence
Necromantic Might
Dimensional Reach (20’)


Dark Knowledge (6/day)
• Tactics
• Puissance
• Foe
Lore Mastery (arcana, religion)
Still Mind (+2 vs. mind effects)


Bluff 0+3=3
Climb 0+0=0
Concentration 8+0=8
Decipher Script 8+2=10
Diplomacy 10+3=13
Gather Information 10+3=13
Intimidate 3=3
Knowledge (Arcana) 12+7+9=28
Knowledge (Religion) 12+7+9=28
Knowledge (Planes) 12+7+7=26
Knowledge (Dungeoneering) 12+7+7=26
Knowledge (Nature) 12+7+7=26
Knowledge (Local) 12+7+7=26
Knowledge (History) 12+7+7=26
Search 7=7
Sense Motive 4+4=8
Spellcraft 12+7=19
Spot 4+4=8
Use Magic Device 4+3=7


Headband of Intellect 4
Full Plate +1
Scrolls of Uncertain Provenance (
5 bonus to knowledges)
Tome of Worldly Memory (3/day +5 bonus to knowledges)
Aritificer’s Monicle (identify objects when examine for 1 minute)
Wand of Divine Insight +8 (50)
Wand of Cure Light Wounds (50)

Spells Per Day and DC’s:

Zero 4 17
First 7 18
Second 6 19
Third 6 20
Fourth 5 21
Fifth 2 22

Some Spell Buffs by Bonus Type (for stacking):
• Luck: Recitation
• Morale: Righteous Wrath/Good Hope/Bless
• Deflection: Shield of Faith/Magic Circle

Spells Known:

• Amanuensis
• Create Water
• Detect Magic
• Light
• Read Magic

• Resurgence
• Lesser Vigor (fh 1 for 15 rounds)
• Bless (1 morale to hit)
• Sorrow (will or -3 to attacks, saves, checks)
• Protection From Evil (
2 resistance saves)
• Snake’s Swiftness (grant free attack to ally)
• Shield of Faith (+3 deflection ac)
• Chill of the Grave (touch 3d10 cold)
• Summon Undead I

• Curse of Ill Fortune (-3 on attack, saves, skills)
• Curse of Impending Blades (-2 ac, no save)
• Divine Insight (+14 on one check, cast early)
• Desecrate (20’ radius, undead +1 a/d, saves, 1/HD)
• Frost Breath (4d4 and dazed, reflex half)
• Summon Undead II

• Ghoul Gesture (ray, paralyzed or sickened)
• Displacement (50% miss chance)
• Good Hope (2 morale, saves, damage, skills)
• Vigor (fh 2 for 19 rounds)
• Haste (
1 hit, ac, extra move)
• Eyes of the Zombie (1 hour/level, see through/control)
• Animate Dead
• Hypothermia (9d6 and fatigue, fortitude half)
• Mass Curse of Impending Blades (-2 ac, no save)
• Summon Undead III

• Recitation (2 luck to ac, attack, saves)
• Last Breath (reincarnates, within one round)
• Moon Bolt (3d4 Strength, makes undead helpless)
• Mass Shield of Faith (
3 deflection)
• Summon Undead IV

• Righteous Wrath of the Faithful (+3 a/d)
• Mass Sanctuary
• Morality Undone (will or evil for 10 min/level)
• Greater Vigor (fh 4, 19 rounds)
• Bolts of Bedevilment (ray, will or dazed 1d3 rounds)
• Commune (ask 9 questions of Cyric)
• Summon Undead V

Preferred Summons:

Human Skeleton Warrior (I):
• HP: 8
• Scimitar 3
• Damage: 1d6
• AC: 15, DR 5/bludgeoning

Ogre Zombie (III):
• HP: 55
• Greatclub 11
• Damage: 2d8
• AC: 15, DR 5/slashing

Ghast (IV):
• HP: 29
• Bite 7, Claws +5
• Damage: 1d8
8, 1d4+5
• DC 15 Fort. or paralyzed.
• AC: 19, DR 5/slashing

Wyvern Zombie (IV):
• HP: 94
• Slam 13
• Damage: 2d6
• AC: 20, DR 5/slashing

Shadow (V)
• HP: 19
• Touch 5
• Damage: 1d6 Strength
• AC: 13, 50% Miss Chance
• +1/


Androsel Remmith was born a cheerful and precocious elf to a village in the forests of Aglarond. As a child, his unnaturally gifted mind was found to be both agitating and admirable to the folk of his village, who, despite being gray elves, had long ago surrendered their intellectual heritage to lives of simplicity. As decades past, a longing to explore and gain insight took hold over Androsel, until finally, on his seventieth year, he decided to leave the village to find his fortune, both material and intellectual.

Both fortunes came to him when he became an apprentice archivist at a temple of Oghma in Veltalar. Surrounded by knowledge in the form of tomes and texts, and with centuries to peruse it all, Androsel continued to grow more knowledgeable- at long last, when he outlived the humans who had initiated him to the temple, he was made the High Keeper.

And yet, as years passed, Keeper Remmith grew bored. He began to experiment in dark and eldritch arts, raising the dead in the forms of zombies and skeletons, practiced magic to give life as well as take it. Soon, even this he found tiresome. He sought reading material that would truly expand his mind- he yearned for a text that would expand the horizons of mortal knowledge. He remained restless until one autumn day when a madman collapsed dead at the foot of the temple, clad only in rags but clutching tightly a gold-lettered tome of great and obvious value. This book was labeled “The Cyrinishad”.

Remmith was unable to resist his temptation. His greed for knowledge overtaking him, he sat for three full days reading the Cyrinishad. Its magical compulsions overtook evil his wizened, elven mind. When he next emerged from his study, Remmith was a devout worshipper of Cyric.

His first act was to order the burning of his temple. After centuries, the deed had fallen into his hands; the other Oghmanites, once his friends, could only watch and cry in protest as the precious tomes and scrolls were burned away, their contents only now known to the one mad being who had read each and every one.

Remmith traveled west, to Amn, and then to Calimshan, where he began to spread the word of Cyric. Convinced that he was a divine herald, he grew increasingly confused as those around him began to regard him as mad. Each place he traveled, a few open souls did indeed confess themselves to Cyric. Remmith still travels to this day, occasionally returning to Calimport to delegate mad tasks to the Lantern of Twilight, the cult of his own founding. The Lantern seeks to spread the worship of Cyric through demonstrations of his might, and Remmith often performs acts of heroism, not to help others or do good by Faerun, but rather to spread the glory of his god. Just the same, Remmith is out of his mind and unable to see the moral difference between solving a problem by mediating a solution, and just killing everyone.

Keeper Remmith

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