Ai Tao the Tied Tongue

Ai Tao, Level 9 Knight


Ai Tao the Tied Tongue
Lawful Neutral
Medium Age:36 Male 6’7 215 lbs. Eyes: Hazel Hair: Black

STR 16 = +3
DEX 14 = +2
CON 16 = +2
INT 13 = +1
WIS 11 = +0
CHA 17 = +3

Hit Points Max: 102
Base Attack: +9/4
Armor Class: 10 + 1 + 3 +9: 23
Touch AC: 11
Flat-Footed AC: 22

Fortitude Save 6
Reflex Save 5
Will Save 6

Feats & Special Abilities:
Combat Expertise
Improved Disarm
Improved Trip
Die Hard (Conscious at -9 to 0)
Mounted Combat
Combat Cloak Expert (pg. 93)
Fighting Challenge +2 (pg. 26)
Knight’s Challenge
Bulwark of Defense
Test Mettle
Shield Ally
Vigilant Defender
Armor Mastery (All)
Shaky (-2 Ranged Attacks; Flaw)
Knight’s Code

Appraise +1
Balance -5
Bluff +3
Climb +8
Concentration +3
Craft +1
Decipher Script +1
Diplomacy +9
Disable Device +1
Disguise +3
Escape Artist -5
Forgery +1
Gather Information +3
Handle Animal +3
Heal +0
Hide -5
Intimidate +15
Jump -4
Knowledge +1
Listen +0
Move Silently -5
Open Lock +2
Perform +3
Profession +0
Ride +14
Search +1
Sense Motive +0
Sleight Of Hand -5
Spellcraft +1
Spot +0
Survival +0
Swim -11
Tumble -5
Use Magic Device +3
Use Rope +2

The Seneschal’s Spear [Trident]13/8 1d8+3 x2 Reach/10ft (1) (Vampiric +1d6) – Augmented, Lifedrinking 3 (0/30)
The Seneschal’s Burden [Full Plate]Heavy +9 -5 (
1) Magic Eating (1 HP/Save) – Augmented, Restful
The Seneschal’s Wall +3 -2 (
1) – Augmented, DR 3/- (0/30)
Iron Ward Crystal
Lifedrinking Crystal, Lesser
Restful Crystal



The captain gave his last breath to the wind as the spear was drawn from his torso, dragging with it the entrails of yet another guardsman. “This is your best? This is what you send against a forgotten prince?” A human of unnatural height and size stood surrounded by a circle of the Council of Melvaunt’s guardsmen. “I demand satisfaction!” The guards surrounding him had begun to inch away, looking at each other, faces set with apprehension and fear. “Will none of you cowards fight? You dare demonstrate this yet again, before a man your superior?” The tall man’s eyes were consumed by rage. Each word he spoke drove back the circle of men surrounding him, “I should have your whole city, you worthless cowards. I should-”

“Enough of this,” the tall man collapsed to his knees at the gesture of a wizened, robed figure. “Remove the bodies.” Even though the older man had spoken with total authority, it took a few lengthy seconds of silence for the guardsmen to approach the now kneeling young man before they began to drag away the corpses of their fallen comrades. “You have killed 23 men in this city today, young Sir. You have breached the sanctity of our Hall with your bloodshed. And yet your eyes betray reason—despite their rage.”

“Your cowardice cannot be forgiven, Lord.” The man accepted his defeat and bowed his head, “My name is Ai Tao. I am the Seneschal of House Chess of Zhentil Keep. My city and the family that I and mine were sworn to protect fell to the Shadovar while Melvaunt did nothing.” Ai’s voice began to tremble, “My family, my oath, my life demands-”

“I understand.” The old man’s gaze softened, “The Spellplague has affected all of us. The resources of Melvaunt were consumed with other efforts. I apologize, quite sincerely child, for your loss.”

“I have nothing now. I know nothing.” The Seneschal shut his eyes tightly and lowered his head further as if to collapse to the ground.

The old man bowed to catch him, and Ai opened his eyes to finally meet the man’s steadfast gaze. “I will do you a favor, then, young knight.” The old lord’s face softened as he spoke. His eyes appeared briefly troubled before shifting into dark spheres. Ai lost himself in a sea of blackness before briefly losing consciousness. As the rest of the council emerged from their chamber to investigate the commotion, they caught just a glimpse of the back of an unusually tall man walking out the door and into the day lit city.

Ai’s old life felt like a dream. The faces of his family and closest friends drifted in and out of focus. The rage which had consumed him softened from a roaring blaze to the barest of embers. He was, instead, consumed by a thirst for a new master.

“The first to best me in combat, will have the best of me in combat.”

Ai Tao the Tied Tongue

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